Leave Our Children Alone! -Matt & Dawn Confront Their Accuser

FROM: Matt & Dawn

TO: Julie Anne Smith, AKA -Accuser

Julie Anne,

Here we are again being victimized by you and your cronies!! And for what? So you can settle a score. Shame on you!! Why are you “us[ing] a family who has suffered much for your defense?” It is you and Meaghan Varela that have used and abused our family in your initial offense and your ongoing defense.

You say out of one side of your mouth, “I haven’t watched all the videos” then out the other side, (without taking a breath) “, but saw 2 videos of the parents of the abuser/victims.” Which is it? Did you watch them or not? And IF you didn’t watch them, why didn’t you? Who in their “Right mind” would not have spent five minutes to see the truth with their own eyes?

Instead, you admit to choosing to receive gossip instead of going to the source that was a fraction-of-a- click away. Then you go on to sling shame and guilt on us as the parents of the children saying,” they named their own abused children’s names. Here is the question – – – what parent in their right mind would publicly name their children who were sexually violated?” Which is of course is not true. And you would have known if you could see past your hate for pastor Chuck and had the heart to watch the videos.

Numerous times in numerous posting you say you are praying for the family (us) that God would allow us to see the light and be free of Chuck’s lies. What about your blatant lies? Do you really look for the truth or are you quick to receive gossip and lies?

If you would have watched the videos, you would know that we never mentioned our minor children’s names. If you would have done any kind of research, you would know that our “baby” was never involved at all!

You and Meaghan Varela, started this ugly situation, not Pastor Chuck. You continue to deliver ugly on the world wide web for all to see.

Regarding the charges against our oldest son (who at the time was 15 yrs. old, with the mentality of an 8 yr. old) all measure 11 charges were dropped! He was convicted of “Attempted” allegations, because there wasn’t any real evidence to the contrary. While under duress he was coerced into confessing things he did not do. He was not allowed any legal representation, he was not read his rights, nor did he know he had any rights. Two armed police officers and a DHS case worker interrogated him. We (his parents) were not even allowed to be in the room while they were questioning him. They questioned our other children in the same manner as well. Their testimonies, their physicals, and their psychological evaluations all contradicted our oldest son’s coerced confession. You and Meaghan Varela know what kind of boy he was. He would have confessed to robbing the bank up the street if two armed police officers and a DHS case worker told him/suggested/coerced him to confess and told him it would go better for him if he just admitted what he had done.

You have no idea of the torment, of the threat of all our children being taken away from us, sleepless nights, and tears we have gone through in our family because of Meaghan Varela’s false report made to DHS/CPS.

You have continually lied about my son on your blog, making him out to be some kind of monster, perverted, sexual child molester. Like comparing him to that old man being arrested (picture on your blog site).

My children and I are tired of being relentlessly assaulted by you on your blog and all over the world wide web.

You know that Pastor Chuck and his family were investigated because of Meaghan Varela’s false report against them to the DHS/CPS. You continue to suppress the truth in unrighteousness making yourself out to be a fool! Anybody with a conscience can see you refuse to watch the videos so that you can continue to claim ignorance. You’d rather receive gossip, so you can throw out allegations of being “brain washed” claiming that we are “not in our right minds”. Stop lying!! Your sin has found you out!!

We saw the anonymous postings on your blog and they hit it right on the head, “Hypocrite.” That name surely suites you.


2 Responses to Leave Our Children Alone! -Matt & Dawn Confront Their Accuser

  1. Marian says:

    Good for you Dawn and Matt… for letting YOUR voice be heard. And who should know better what happened than the ones it happened to? I notice Julie Anne has not answered you on her friend’s website. Obviously she doesn’t know what to say when confronted with the FACTS. I totally agree with you that she is a hypocrite. As long as SHE and her followers were the only ones “making their voices known” on the web and on TV with their false accusations and hate-filled lies… she and her followers were content. But the minute we finally take our Church’s name back and make our voices and the TRUTH known… we are accused of being haters and being vindictive. Apparently, according to her posts… she is the only one that has the right of free speech. According to her… we are supposed to put up and shut up, and not worry about whether the truth comes out or not.

  2. Patty says:

    Matt & Dawn…I was reading this letter earlier today and I can’t even begin to imagine your anguish and suffering these last four years; ALL because of Meaghan and Julie Anne’s lying lips! Your strength and courage through this wicked attack is a tremendous statement to me of your faith in our Lord and Savior.

    Julie Anne has been so busy gossiping and spreading lies around the web about you, your family, our church, Pastor Chuck and his family, that she has completely lost any grip she might have had on reality!! She wrote this over at Wartburg: “But I will repeat what I know to be true. Meaghan told me what she reported to DHS and it did not include you (Pastor Chuck) or [your son] as an abuser of any kind.” YET… The documentation of Meaghan’s vicious lying attack is absolutely clear, including a detailed letter from an attorney…AND you, Kevin’s parents, sharing your painful story to get the truth out.

    Julie Anne refuses to look at the facts. She would rather spin-spin-spin a giant tale of lies and gossip to make her sinful behavior look good to all her pals…

    Reminds me of a great verse from 1Timothy 4:1-2 Now the Spirit expressly says that in latter times some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons, speaking lies in hypocrisy, having their own conscience seared with a hot iron.

    We’re watching that play out before our very eyes!!

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