This is my family’s story of suffering and survival. In Nov. of 2008 a man on staff at Beaverton Grace Bible Church (BGBC) was fired. The day after Christmas (Dec. 26th, 2008) his close personal friend, Meaghan Varela, picked up the phone and called the Department of Human Services (DHS -Child Protection) with false allegations of abuse. She made her criminal report 53 minutes after her husband Tim Varela received an email from me calling them to cease visiting the families of BGBC with Christmas gifts, gossip, and invitations to leave the church. As an act of vindictive retaliation she used the DHS as her Weapon of Mass Destruction in an attempt to destroy me, to destroy our family, and to destroy our church. She tried to send me to prison. She tried to send our adult son to prison. She tried to take our younger children from their home and their mother. She tried to destroy BGBC. Four years later, she is still trying to destroy me, our family, and BGBC through never ending criminal accusations made on the World Wide Web, church to church, and house to house. Julie Anne Smith is Meaghan’s partner in slander and criminal accusations. Julie Anne posts and reposts Meaghan’s lies on her BGBC Survivor blog. She invites the world to write in anonymously with yet more slander and criminal accusations. What do Meaghan and Julie Anne have in common? They and their husbands are close friends of the man who was fired in Nov. of 2008. We have suffered and survived four years of the worst slander that you can bring against a church, a family, or a man. We are the TRUE BGBC SURVIVORS.

*This statement and the following video reflect the opinions of the author based upon the facts as understood by the author.

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