A Late Christmas Visit -Dec. 26th, 2008

Matt and Dawn share the story of the surprise Christmas visitors that came to their home with the gift of Meaghan Varela’s vicious accusations against their family. Perhaps most important of all, they explain who their son Kevin is and how he ended up in jail.

*This statement and the following video reflect the opinions of the author based upon the facts as understood by the author.

One Response to A Late Christmas Visit -Dec. 26th, 2008

  1. Patty says:

    Matt and Dawn,
    You guys are truly an encouragement to us all of your faith standing strong in this horrific trial. Thank you for publishing these videos and speaking out against the lies these wicked women have hurled at your family. I can’t imagine the pain and suffering Julie Anne and Meaghan have put your family through, and have continued to put you through these last four years!
    Any sane person watching these videos should clearly see this attack was malicious and vindictive, and a complete lie! And where is all that “love” they talk about for your handicapped son Kevin??!!
    No love…just hate and cruelty…and it is about time that Julie Anne and Meaghan and those with them are exposed for what their lying lips have done to your sweet family, Pastor’s family, and our church!!
    May God bless you…
    Standing firm with you!

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